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The majority of the apps did not contain any sexual health content.Part 2: We reviewed 60 dating apps: 44 (73%) targeting heterosexual users, 9 (15%) targeting men who have sex with men (MSM), 3 (5%) targeting lesbian women, and 4 (7%) for group dating.In recent years, due to the increasing use of smartphones, apps designed to provide sexual health information and education are readily available on the market [23].However, these apps are infrequently downloaded, have low user ratings, and are unlikely to reach the target groups [23].The availability of geosocial-networking smartphone apps—apps that use the global positioning system to locate their subscribers—has created a novel way of networking that is quick, cheap, and convenient [7-10].

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Most important, integrating sexual health information within these apps can be an effective way to reach key populations, such as MSM or people who have casual sexual partners [15,24].

Smartphone apps provide a new platform for information distribution and networking.

By 2013, there were over 50 billion app downloads from the Google Play store, and more than 60 billion from the Apple i Tunes store [3,4].

Only 9 dating apps contained sexual health content, of which 7 targeted MSM.

The majority of sex-related apps and dating apps contained no sexual health content that could educate users about and remind them of their sexual risks.

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